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FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4 Reviews

Bare Feats The FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4 Hot-Swap SATA four bay enclosure is skillfully engineered and built with quality. The "direct connect" backplane gives it an important advantage over other SATA enclosures.

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FirmTek Report: SeriTek/2eEN4 Performance with SeriTek/2ME4
With four 1TB Samsung F3 SATA hard disks mounted in the direct connect SeriTek/2eEN4, the SeriTek/2ME4-E provided RAID 0 average write performance of 445MB/sec. and average read performance of 432MB/sec. As individual hard disks become even faster, the high bandwidth capability provided by the SeriTek/2ME4-E will support RAID speeds in excess of 700MB/sec. for blazing direct connect performance.

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