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Dual-Bay eSATA 6G Enclosure
The FirmTek miniSwap/ES provides outstanding RAID and JBOD performance with 2.5" SATA hard disks or 6G SSD. RAID 0 average write performance of 706MB/sec. and average read performance of 716MB/sec. can be achieved when the SeriTek/Q6G controller is installed. The eSATA 6G hardware-based miniSwap/ES provides an ultra high performance solution for mounting 2.5" solid state drives (SSD) or traditional hard disks externally.

Performance Chart
Configuration Performance Enclosure
Single 6G SSD 505MB/s Read
428MB/s Write
Two 6G SSDs
Stripped RAID
716MB/s Read
706MB/s Write
Single Hitachi 2.5-inch 500GB 105MB/s Read
105MB/s Write
Two Hitachi 2.5-inch 500GB
Stripped RAID
210MB/s Read
210MB/s Write

This information was produced by FirmTek, LLC for Macintosh users desiring an in-depth analysis of the performance options available with the FirmTek miniSwap/ES. We hope you find this data helpful. Results will vary with different third party controllers and/or different drive models.