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ThunderTek/PX PCIe Controller Options
Thunderbolt™ technology allows the new FirmTek ThunderTek/PX product line to harness the power of compatible PCIe controller cards for use with Thunderbolt enabled computers like the 2011 or later iMac, Mac mini, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, 2013 Mac Pro and Windows computers. An expensive workstation like the Mac Pro is no longer required to utilize professional PCIe cards. Just install a compatible PCIe card in the ThunderTek/PX, connect the Thunderbolt cable and your upgrade is complete. Now you have access to Ultra-fast, PCIe upgrades on the go!

Compatible PCIe cards require a Thunderbolt-aware driver in order to be properly recognized by the computer. ThunderTek/PX compatible PCIe cards can provide many different functions including eSATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, 10Gb Ethernet, FireWire and USB connections. For your reference, a sample list of ThunderTek/PX certified PCIe cards is provided below.

ThunderTek/PX Compatible PCIe Cards
Company PCIe Adapter Description Driver
FirmTek SeriTek/6G2+2 Two int. and two ext. eSATA controller with SiI3726 PM support 6.1.7
SeriTek/Q6G 4-Port 6G eSATA controller with SiI3726 PM support 6.1.7
SeriTek/e6G 2-Port 6G, eSATA controller with SiI3726 PM support 6.1.7

FirmTek customers wanting to support internal 2.5" SSD and external hot-swap, eSATA enclosures will find the ThunderTek/PX2+2 is just what they need. This option offers Thunderbolt compatibility plus bootable high performance SSD bandwidth up to 700MB/s in a very small footprint.

"Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries."