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ThunderTek/PX - PCIe 2.0 Thunderbolt™ Expansion Chassis
FirmTek LLC, ships ThunderTek/PX PCIe Expansion Chassis. This new product is designed for connecting a Thunderbolt enabled PCIe 2.0 card to the 2011 or later MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, 2013 or later Mac Pro or other Thunderbolt equipped computers. This inexpensive $199.95 solution allows customers to add a professional PCIe 2.0 card to Thunderbolt enabled computers at about half the price of other units on the market. For more details Click Here.

ThunderTek/PX-Q6G - ThunderTek/PX with SeriTek/Q6G (eSATA Bundle)
FirmTek customers have been waiting for a professional solution that allows them to connect their existing eSATA enclosures to Thunderbolt enabled computers. The wait is over! FirmTek is now shipping our new Thunderbolt to 4-port eSATA 6G adapter. This device allows you to save time and money by continuing to utilize your trusted eSATA enclosures with your new Thunderbolt computer. With this value packed bundle priced at $329.95, it's like getting the high performance SeriTek/Q6G PCIe card for 35% off. For more details Click Here.

ThunderTek/PX-2+2 - ThunderTek/PX with SeriTek/6G2+2 (SATA 2+2 Bundle)
This new bundle turns the ThunderTek/PX into a 2-bay enclosure for 2.5" SSD or HDD while still offering two external eSATA ports for connecting existing eSATA enclosures over Thunderbolt. This value packed bundle is priced at $349.95. For more details Click Here.

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